Other Organizations

ANCHOR Library – contact:  Jeanne Kyle, 215-572-0128

This library is in the Lyons Den. Our parishioners are invited to borrow books. Click here for more information.

Glenside Ministerium – contact:  Jeanne Kyle, 215-572-0128

This is an organization comprised of members from many churches in Glenside.

Sister Parish – contact:  Jeanne Kyle, 215-572-0128

Our sister parish in Haiti is Notre-Dame de la Presentation in Los Palis in the Diocese of Hinche. We assist the parish with our prayers and have provided financial assistance to build a bakery and a high school. We also help educate the children of the parish with your continuing financial assistance.

We have not included telephone numbers of parishioners, other than staff members.  St. Luke parishioners may consult their Parish Guidebook & Directory for contact information. Others may contact the parish office, 215-572-0128.