E-Giving – contact:  Deacon John Hunter, 215-572-0128,

E-Giving allows you to financially support your parish without the hassle of writing checks and remembering your envelope each Sunday. E-Giving also allows you to make your Sunday Contribution on weekends that you are travelling! It’s easy to sign up. You may debit your bank account or specify a credit card for automatic giving, and easily maintain your account on-line.

Finance Committee

This group advises the pastor in parish financial matters.

Current members are  Fr. Joseph Brandt, Deacon John Hunter, Jim Donahue, Mike Dubyk, Joe Hart, Ken Kempf, Kirk Stensrud, Beth Stieritz, and Pete Wilson.

Fort Knox – contact:  Parish Office, 215-572-0128

This team of people counts, records and prepares the deposit from the collections at Masses on Sunday.

Gardening Committee – contact:  Ellen Potter or Tina Dean

This group plans and maintains special planting areas on the church grounds.

Grocery Gift Card (Food Certificate) Program – contact:  Tina Dean, 215-572-0128

This program supports our youth organizations (Cub Scouts, Camp Fire, CYO, Boy Scouts, and the Youth Group). Grocery cards may be purchased for Acme, Giant, O’Neill’s, and Shoprite markets. They may be purchased after the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses, and at the rectory. You may order your grocery gift cards at for quick pickup after Mass, in the rectory, or at certain meetings (Boy Scouts, Over 50s, etc.) We also participate in the e-scrip Program.

We have recently added an button on our website (About page). If you use that portal to Amazon and make a purchase, Amazon will make a contribution to our youth organizations.

Scrip Program  – contact:  Lucy Debes

This scrip program includes many, many stores, for example,, AMC Theatres, Cheesecake Factory, CVS, Home Depot, iTunes, L. L. Bean, and Lowe’s, and Wawa. This program provides tuition assistance for St. Joseph the Protector School and PREP, or any other Catholic grade or high school. Anyone may sign up online at Use Enrollment Code: 2CCL38B83434. Briefly, the way the scrip program works is that a purchaser orders online and either pays online or writes a check to St. Luke Scrip Program. The coordinator of our program reviews all the orders and processes them. (Those not paid online will be processed after we receive the payment by check.) We generally receive the scrip (gift cards) two days later. Currently, the orders are usually processed on Monday morning and are available for pick up at the rectory by Thursday morning. If the volume of orders increases sufficiently we plan to increase the frequency of order processing. One does not need computer access to use this program, we have paper order forms and lists of stores in the rectory.

We have not included telephone numbers of parishioners, other than staff members.  St. Luke parishioners may consult their Parish Guidebook & Directory for contact information. Others may contact the parish office, 215-572-0128.